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Why Tefal RK302E15 8-in-1 Multitasking Slow Cooker ?

Review Tefal RK302E15, Multicook 8-in-1 Multicooker, Stainless Steel Before getting a kitchen appliance for your kitchen, one thing you have to consider is if you have enough space for one. This gets especially important if […]

Amefa Monogram , cutlery Set STAINLESS steel

Product description theDescription 8 knives 8 forks 8 teaspoons dessert 8 tbsp. Amefa is a well-known international brand for cutlery. We understand perfectly the needs of our customers and we know what is important to them. Our models have different design, from the most modern to the classic and economic.
By purchasing a product Amefa buy a service, cutlery is really extraordinary. Design elegant and fashion combine perfectly with the experience and know-how of a company present on the market since 1931.
We choose the STAINLESS steel of best quality and we check every article after testing the resistance and the performance. We do this because we are convinced that acting as the customer would like that behaved to be the best way to ensure success.
Not everyone is born with a silver spoon in his mouth.
We offer a very broad range of cutlery Monogram high quality without stretching your price. We are aware of the fact that the cutlery is not changed much in the last 200 years..

Guzzini Feeling Set 24 Cutlery

Product description theDescription24 cutlery Guzzini Feeling
The perfect combination of steel and plastic material that characterizes this set of cutlery. The STAINLESS steel this cutlery is made even more refined by the elements in the plastic two-tone handle. These cutlery can withstand thousands of washes in the dishwasher, for the absolute hygiene of the material.Product description theAll products are imported from Guzzini, synonym of high quality materials and details. We catalog all the products of Guzzini related to the Kitchen, the Table and the House.