Genius-Germany Colorful Knife Set 5 Pieces-Review

Genius-Germany Colorful Knife set

Product description the


Set 5 knives colored
When you cook often I know I must be cut off, and for each type of job, you need the suitable .
But those who always have the knife right for every case? This set of knives contains STAINLESS steel blades of all sizes needed in the .
The ergonomic handles and non-slip are comfortably in the hand and allow you to work safely in the kitchen.Also, the non-stick coating of the blades and the antibacterial effect are the qualities that make each of these knives are indispensable.
The possibility of the usage of the set:

1. Bread knife

Thanks to the long blade to cut corrugated and is particularly suitable to cut loaves are very large and the bread very crispy.

2. Chef’s knife

Perfect for preparing vegetables, meat, and poultry.

3. Santoku knife

Perfect for the preparation of meat and fish, and to cut and chop vegetables and herbs.

4. Knife for sandwiches

Perfect to spread on the bread and cut sandwiches or sandwiches.

5. Multi-purpose knife from the kitchen

Perfect to clean the vegetables, peel the fruit and cut in small pieces the meat and the sausages.

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