How To Use Pressure Cooker In More Proper Way

Cooking in a is excellent,  its quick way of cooking not have to stand over a hot stove with many utensils for different ingredients for hours. pressure cookers nowadays are not the sort your grandmother used. They are more safe, easy to clean, and some have digital control panels in the electronic models. On-the-stove models are still made but you must try them. Don’t be afraid to use one; just read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and do what is shown.

1. One-Pot Dinners

Pressure cookers prepare a stovetop meal for 3 hours in about 35 minutes. That is certainly enchanting for those of us who have jobs plus more busy schedules. The excellent thing about the cooking rack in the bottom is that it keeps quicker cooking foods out of the bottom liquid and on top. Each singular food keeps its original flavor whether it’s a one-pot entrée, stew, soup, or dessert.

Take foods that take the same amount of time to cook.a medium sized Potato in 1/2-inch slices only take 3-minutes to cook properly and 3/4-inch slices will take 5 minutes. You might want to leave them whole or cut in half. With a chicken taking only 8 minutes, and green beans 2 minutes, you will want your vegetables cut large pieces. Or you can cook the chicken first then cool the stove top cooker, remove the lid, add the vegetables, and cook a few minutes for them.

2. Cook with Liquids

You will need less liquid when you cook in a pressure cooker, you can use more, but never less. Evaporation is not so great using a pressure cooker as occurs with a pot on the stove with liquid. The hot steam made from the pressure does the cooking.

  • Use at least 1 cup of water, vegetable stock, meat stock, or tomato juice.
  • Liquids should not cover the ingredients that go over halfway up the pot.

3. Don’t Overfill the Pressure Cooker

Steam needs room to expand.

  • Fill it two-thirds (2/3) full of food.
  • Fill it half full of liquid (about 1 cup).

4.Tuning Heat –

Electric cooker

The method of cooking with pressure is easy to learn. The liquid will boil at 212-degrees F. Once that temperature is reached, you have steam. Steam can reach about 250-degrees F., much hotter than boiling water. The steam builds pressure at about 10 to 13 psi (pounds per square inch) making food cook 25 to 30% quicker than usual open pot methods. Read the instructions in the manual that came with your pressure cooker.


  1. Begin cooking with high heat on a stove or use the preprogrammed function on electric units with that option.
  2. With electric models, it is easy!
  3. Lower the heat after it comes to pressure if you use a pressure cooker made for a stove.
  4. On a stove, if pressure drops, turn up the heat.

5. Fry for Extra Flavor

Pressure cookingFor the best flavors, sauté beef, onions, and garlic the same as you would in a skillet on a stove. You’ll want those brown bits on the bottom so add a little water or liquid to unfix it before adding your final liquid. This also prevents the bits from sticking or burning on the bottom. Do this first, then add all the other vegetables, rice, and liquid.

6. How to Store food In a Pressure Cooker

  1. Put the lid upside down on the bottom. assure to put a cloth or thick paper towels between the 2 pieces to avoid scratching and marring each piece. If your lid will not fit this way, leave it cocked not tightly sealed for air circulation.
  2. Be sure the pot and lid are quite clean.Pressure gasket
  3. Wash by hand and if you have an electric unit, do not let the plug-in get wet.
  4. Remove the gasket around the lid making sure there are no bits of food that will dry to affect the seal next time you use it.
  5. Rinse and dry well before putting it away.
  6. Be sure safety valves are clean with no obstruction.

Wrapping Up

Be sure to check your User’s Manual for foods not recommended in a pressure cooker for safety.

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