Kenwood KM266 PROSPERO Machine-Review

Real assistant culinary recipes simple or elaborate, the machine is multifunctional Prospero KM 266 is the best ally to reveal their talents in the kitchen. Polyvalent, it allows the preparation of all types of dishes with quick action, simple and effortless. The manipulation of the ingredients is reduced to a minimum: just pour in the container with accessories, and closed to block on one of the 3 motor outputs, and the robot will do all the work.In a few moments, the blender allows you to prepare fruit drinks and cream soups.

The large reservoir in the stainless steel whisks and omogenizza creams and sauces, whip the egg whites for the dessert and kneads the paste thicker, to prepare pastries, cakes and bread. The container grating gives you the choice between the various disks to chop, and grate in a more or less thin, the vegetables and the cheese. The juicer prepare juice of vegetables and fruit without spilling soap directly into the container for recovery. Finally, the mincer complete the range of accessories for the packaging of minced meat or small pieces.Powerful and functional, the robot is multifunctional Prospero KM 266 will free your culinary imagination.

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