Kenwood KMM770 Chef Major:Review

the premiere cannot be defined as a planetary mixer, but you can well-define the robot from the kitchen, why?

The robot represents the best compromise between the models aimed at home use for which you cannot ask too much in the phase of working of the dough and those models that are defined as Professional. the Kenwood KMM770 Chef Major has countless functions and features, so as not to weigh the expenditure for the purchase.

The thing that struck us immediately of the planetary mixer the Kenwood KMM770 Chef Major Premier is its solidity.
This feature is payable either by the machine itself but also the related accessories.The accessory kit includes all the hoses that we are now used to find in every pack of the planetary that respect. In addition to these, we do not find much, if not a nice blender!

Serve lots of accessories!

Yes, this model (that’s why we call it almost the food processor), can also be used as a blender to blend anything. In addition, the container of the blender is glass, heat-resistant, so suitable for the storage of any type of smoothie made. Inside the package, there is nothing else, but to expand the possibilities and features of Kenwood KMM770 Chef Major Premier, you can purchase ( separately )the many accessories that extend significantly the potential.

This set of accessories “optional” include so many products to make your mixer a real companion indispensable in the kitchen. With it and its accessories will be able to do anything, without having to use a hundred appliances different. Among the accessories that include the meat grinder, the accessory for the pasta, cut vegetables, potato peeler and much more! The base model brings with a container huge, 6.7-liter. His advantage is precisely that of being able to make mixes very large, ideal if you have large families who like to get together often to your home and you love to make so many great dishes.

Something is missing

Compared to other high-end models of the same brand, this Kenwood KMM770 Chef Major Premier did not, however, the possibility, by purchasing separate accessories, to cook, because it is not equipped with a bottom induction. The work of this model is always fluid and precise, however the engine less powerful you note when we go to work the dough very bulky and hard. Compared to the best models of the category that we were able to test in these years, the Kenwood KMM770 Chef Major Premier seems a little less stable and slightly a bit high in the noise, even if we do not speak of anything out of the ordinary.The price of this product is very attractive for housewives if not for the fact that compared to the other robots from the kitchen of a category costs about the half.Rightly, there are trade-offs that relate to the lowest price and one of these is a minor power, and some function is missing, but if you are looking for a planetary mixer of good quality and do not want to burden too much on your finances, this is the one for you!What to say good buy, because for a mixer of this kind can not speak of a good buy.

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