Macom Foodsaver Vacuum Machine V2860 Review

Macom Foodsaver Machine V2860 Review

Soft Touch Control Panel – With Cut-Portorotolo – Vac-Pulse – 2 Different Seals
Discover the advantages of vacuum packaging with the apperecchio V2860-I from Saver! Ideal for storing in an environment without bacteria, V2860-I can reduce waste. The packaging is carried out in three steps : you fill up the bag and put the open end into the appliance, close the lid and press the start button. And the bag with the is ready to be stored for a long time ! The principle is very simple and the V2860-I features 2 levels of closure (in particoare for dry or wet).
The control of vacuum packing is automatic or manual and work with impulsion. The machine packaging vacuum review appliances V2860-I system easily in the cabinet in a vertical position. With the device packing vacuum V2860-I from can keep the food fresh and longer. Suitable item for gifting.

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