Cautions About Using Aluminum Pots and Pans.

almunium pots-pans

almunium pots-pans

When you cook food in a large quantity soup, a roast with vegetables, fish, rice, chicken or a big and delicious dessert, you might want to keep it all night long and have the leftovers the next day. If you make a vegetable soup and chicken noodle, it is best to use it the next day or freeze it.

Metals Used Manufacturing Pressure Cookers.

If you have an old aluminum pressure cooker, you can not stock food during the night. Aluminum seeps into your food and it’s not a good thing. We are exposed to aluminum every day. Aluminum is in rocks, minerals, clay, and soil where you plant your vegetable garden and no one is dead yet from plants grown in the soil or from farm animals eating the grass of ground. Lower amounts of aluminum are found in vegetables, fruits and meat, whether organic or not. Aluminum is in buffered aspirin, toothpaste, nasal spray, deodorant, antiperspirants, some antacids, some cosmetics, processed foods and marinated. The 1 to 10 milligrams of aluminum that we ingest each day is nothing to the amount we consume from an aluminum pot, stovetop or pressure cooker to prepare the dinner. Tomatoes cooked in aluminum for 2 hours and then refrigerated overnight contained only 0.0024 milligrams of aluminum per cup. An antacid tablet may contain more than 200 milligrams of aluminum. It’s about to give me heartburn.


It is strong, light, and a good conductor of heat and is not expensive. If you are still worried about leaching aluminum into food, discard your old, thin aluminum cookware, cracked and bent. Replace those in anodized aluminum that has been sealed with a special coating to make the aluminum more dense, harder, non-stick, and non-reactive to certain foods, such as tomatoes.
aluminium pansThe amount of leaching of aluminum in foods from the cookware depends on several factors. Acid-rich foods, such as canned or fresh tomatoes, tomato sauce, and tomato paste, make aluminum more expensive than foods with less acid. Rhubarb is a very acidic vegetable that we treat as a fruit by adding sugar and strawberries for a delicious pie. Of course, meat and poultry have little acid.
you should never keep chicken soup or tomato dinners in an aluminum pot, whether it’s anodized or not. Why?  Contact with aluminum foils and aluminum pans can give you about 3.5 milligrams of aluminum a day if you cook in this cookware every day. The toothpaste we use after dinner to clean our teeth also has aluminum.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel pots and pans in stainless steel are almost perfect. They are chemically stable, which means that they do not react or lix acid tomatoes, For example, Prestige® Smart Kitchen stainless steel pressure cooker number PRDA10 you can store the soup in the refrigerator to put it on the stove and warm it up for the dice fast the next day. have a shiny and glossy finish, are not porous, maintenance free, resist scratches and bumps (except if you hammer them) and do not stain. The magnet base can be used on the electric, gas, propane and induction hobs – and enter the fridge.
That’s what sold me: Stainless steel is an alloy, a mixture of metals, used in this heavy metal cooker made of 18/20 stainless steel which means that it has 18% chrome that makes it shine like a diamond with 20% nickel. Chrome and nickel make it last longer. Chrome prevents rust and stains.
It is better to use anodized aluminum if your choice is aluminum, but once you use stainless steel, you will never come back. Pressure cookers have cold handles and lids that grip for pressure. The food is delicious, and you can store stainless steel in the refrigerator. Be sure to let your food cool before putting it in the fridge, though. Feel safe; aluminum is safe to use in pressure cookers and other kitchen utensils.
If you are concerned about the accumulation of chemicals or metals in foods when cooking, here are some simple steps to reduce your exposure.
Make sure the cookware is in good condition. No matter the material, always make sure your cookware is free of cracks or rough edges that can stain bacteria. Discard any cookware that has a non-stick coating on it.
Keep leftovers in glass containers rather than aluminum or plastic. Aluminum breaks down over time, especially in canisters, and plastics can release chemicals into food when they are stored and reheated.
Use wooden or silicone spoons and spatulas. Metallic and hard plastic utensils can scratch non-stick surfaces, creating spaces for bacterial growth.
Limit acidic foods cooked and stored in metal pans. Foods such as citrus fruits, vinegar, and tomatoes increase the amount of metal that can escape from cooking utensils. For cooking acidic foods, melting can be one of the best options.

Understanding Cooking Time Of A Pressure Cooker

The pressure cookers save time, but do we want to follow the schedules in the user manual “As It Is” or not  for a delicious, perfectly cooked meal ? Yes, pressure cookers reduce the cooking time by two-thirds, but do we want hard beans to save a few minutes of time or carbonized food by using too much time?

  • Time Chart Value

Experienced chefs using a pressure cooker have time for a science. However, inexperienced cooks need more time to understand the time required for specific food.

  • Merits of Successful Timing

Accurate timing is important when cooking simple foods such as roast or other simple meats, poultry or seafood. When cooking vegetables, it’s a critical time to cooking – do not have hard or peaty vegetables. It is best to use the instructions provided with your cooker or consult a pressure cooker recipe unless you are comfortable with the setting of your cooker.

  • Cooking Time DynamicsCooking Time Dynamics

Synchronization recommendations in recipes are not always correct and are only guides. For example, a large single-piece salted beef breast will take longer to cook than a one-piece chuck piece due to the density of the chicken breast. chopped off. Bigger foods will take longer to cook. When you cut a large rump into smaller pieces, the cooking time of the same weight will be shorter.

  • Timing Significance

Cooks using pressure cookers tend to over-cook vegetables and meat. The meat is tender and tender, but the vegetables can become pitiful and not appetizing. You will get the best results when you follow the cooking times indicated. Even a few minutes more or less will change the texture of the food to be too dry, too soft, lumpy, hard or hard.


  • Pressure Cookers are Not All the Same

Depending on the type, the cooking time may differ. Some pressure cookers are similar and some are dissimilar. A recipe will usually indicate which type of pressure cooker is the best. You can see and read about the latest pressure cookers with safety features here.


  • Acquaint Yourself with a New Pressure Cooker

Familiarize yourself with your pressure cooker. Use the instructions and cook something that takes a little time to get ready to try it. This will give you a good idea of ​​how long it will take to make perfect chops, for example.

  • Pressure Cooking Vegetables

All vegetables have different cooking times. Carrots and turnips being very hard will take longer to cook than potatoes that can become succulent quickly. The pressure cookers allow you to open the lid, remove the cooked vegetables and put more.


  • Steaming Fresh Vegetables

The 6-qt. (5.6-liter) Instant Pot® 7-in-1 Electric Multifuel Pressure Cooker will allow you to cook your vegetables with a steam or a tripod holder. the amount of water suggested in your user manual.


  • Steaming Frozen Vegetables

Because they are frozen, they will take a few minutes longer to cook. Add water and put them on the lower basket or use a vaporizer for the way you like it. Full length asparagus spears can be erected on a trivet. If you want crispy tender vegetables, use the quick release on the pressure cooker.


  • Pressure Cooking Dry Beans

Preparing hard beans overnight will help them cook faster on the stove in a stainless steel saucepan and pressure cooker. In a pressure cooker, the beans will cook in a shorter time.


  • Pressure Cooking Lentils and Split Peas

Do not soak yellow or green lentils and split peas; it is not necessary because they do not take a long time to cook. Just put them in the water with a ham shank or your favorite sausage or meat and cook for the moment in the instructions. All dried beans bake at different times. Check out the recipe or instructions right now for specific bean types such as Marine, Great Northern, pinto, black, red and more.


  • More Foods in a Pressure Cooker

Meat, fish, seafood, chicken and turkey can be cooked in a pressure cooker with rice, cereals and vegetables or separately. Fruits and desserts can also be made in pressure cookers and some pressure cookers can make yogurt. For all of these, use a cooking chart for times and read recipes.


  • Built-in Timers and Buzzers

The pressure cookers are delivered with digital control panels to set the start and stop time. Others have manometers. Most timers emit a sound when the time is up. So you do not need to stay there. Some pressure cookers have pre-programmed lunches, meat or poultry, rice and other dishes. Lots of steam and popped with a different start button and a keep warm feature. These units will cook, brown, bake multi-grain, couscous, and cook slowly as well.

Pressure cookers cook faster by keeping all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients essential for you and the best health of your family.


Final Words .

It is best to use the recipes and instructions provided with the pressure cookers to cook perfectly. Until you get more experience with your meats and vegetables and other foods that you cook, it is recommended to use the professional’s advice.


10 Best Air Fryer Reviews and Buying Guide


An Airfryer is a kitchen appliance that cooks by circulating hot air around the food. A mechanical fan circulates hot air around food at high speed, cooking food and producing a crispy layer through the Maillard effect,Traditional frying methods induce the Maillard effect by completely submerging the food in hot oil. The air fryer alternately works by coating the desired food in a thin layer of oil while the circulating air has heated up to 200 Â ° C to impart energy and start the process. Result © action. By doing this the appliance is able to fry foods like potato chips, chicken, fish, steak, fries or pastries using between 70% and 80% less oil than a traditional deep fat fryer.

1. Air Fryers vs Deep Fryers

Air fryers circulate air up to ± 400 ° F (± 200 ° C) depending on how much power you buy. The air fryer will make chips like those from the grocery store, chicken as in KFC, pastries like in donuts shops, using so much less oil than a typical 80 percent fryer and it’s so delicious. Traditional fried foods, time in stainless steel pans or deep fat fryer are related to diabetes, obesity, heart attacks and cerebrovascular accidents. As a result, the best air fryers are a healthier alternative.

An air fryer will be placed on the counter of your kitchen taking a smaller amount of space than a deep fryer. It still has a high capacity, minus all the oil, and can have a capacity of 1.5 to 2 pounds and more for meat. Depending on the weight of the food you use, the pot will usually hold 2 to 12 cups. A 6-cup air fryer will feed two people.

Deep fryers have been popular with home users for decades. The restaurant and the chefs have been using them for longer. Deep fryers use a lot of hot oil to dispose of food. For health, it’s not good. Fats clog the arteries to harden and increase cholesterol levels.

On the other hand, air fryers use little oil that is healthier, then circulates warm air through the food using a high speed fan for crispness. This is called the Maillard reaction. All foods have enzymes – you see them when you cook raw vegetables and they get the gray smoke on top. These are the enzymes. They must die or the food continues to grow. That’s why we bleach fresh vegetables – to stop growth and bacteria when we freeze them fresh from our garden. The Maillard reaction works with the proteins and sugars of the food, so that when the food is heated, this reaction creates the browning of food. It works without the control factor of an enzyme. No oil means better health in the puzzle of living well.

2. Main Features for Air Fryers

It is always nice to have practical features when cooking. Size is the biggest difference between fryers and fryers. Air fryers are smaller and do not need space for large amounts of oil or fat for frying. Some of the features for your consideration for your needs follow:

  • Cooking baske
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Digital timer (lighted digits)
  • Analog timer (knobs)
  • Different types baskets
  • Lid with see-through window
  • Drip tray
  • Food agitator to continuously turn food
  • Cool-touch handles
  • Collapsible handles
  • Portability
  • Power feature: the more Wattage, the more energy to cook faster (similar to a microwave’s power)

3. Budget

Everyone knows the limit of their finances. The more features you want, the higher the cost. You can get away with a simple adjustable temperature control and a timer. This type unit will have an automatic closure with a sound signal ready to cook.

If you opt for a more expensive high-end model with all the features like a digital countdown with buzzer or pre-set cooking functions, you’ll spend more money. Some of them come with cookbooks and charcoal filters to eliminate the smell that is for me, heaven. You do not need to break the bank for a good fryer, but at the same time, you do not want a unit so cheap that it does not do what it is supposed to do or get disintegrated after a few uses.

A good fryer can cost from $ 65 to $ 150 and even go up to $ 300. The price depends on the additional options offered by the fryer. Air fryers that cost in the middle of the hundreds would be the most common model fryers that can be either analog or digital. All air fryers give the same results and the higher the price, the more features you will get and pay for.

The best air fryer reviews below will give you an idea for excellent to fit your budget in the price range below $ 200.

That’s all there is to do and you will eat in about 30 minutes. All air fryers, grill, fry, roast and bake.

Top 10 Best Air Fryer Reviews


1. BLACK+DECKER® Air Fryer, 2 Liters

best air fryer
Since 1910, Black Decker® has been manufacturing power tools, outdoor gardening equipment, coolers and accessories, including small kitchen appliances. Black \u0026 Decker® Stainless Steel and Black Plastic 2 Liter (2.11-quart / 8-cup) Airless Fryer HF110SBD is a bestseller on You’ll have crispy out-of-this-world exteriors with soft, soft interiors without added oil. The fryer measures 8 inches in diameter and 5 inches in height. He browns the tops of the food and then you have to turn the food over to brown it on the bottom. The fat falls through the holes in the bottom that you throw.

The temperature rises from 175 to 400 degrees F. With the 60 minute timer, turn off the appliance automatically when your cooking time has run out. So, cook a dinner or snacks using the whole or even lower quantities in the frying basket using the fryer which has 2 convection fans to preheat quickly, then by cooking. You will need little or no oil. The unit is equipped with heating and power LED that allow you to see the operating mode at a glance.

You will appreciate the anti-stick basket, the separator and the pan for easy cleaning after dinner. The basket and the separator are dishwasher safe. The box with the electrical components must be cleaned by hand.

Make fries, hamburgers, vegetables and more. There is not much the Black & Decker will not do.


2. Kalorik Air Fryer with Dual Layer Rack, 3 Liters

Kalorik air fryer The Kalorik Air Fryer model number FT 42139 BK has 2 layers of grilles in a black outside with silver trim. He will look good on your counter with his good looks. This unit has several functions with its fast air circulation process that gives your food a crispy look with its tender inner treatment. it cooks 28 ounces of food.

You will not smell of oil, there will be no splashing, because there is no oil, so enjoy your grills, roasts, fries and pastries . The temperature control goes to 400 degrees F. and the timer can be set for 30 minutes. It cooks quickly while holding 3 liters (3.2 quarts).

The large basket holder has an anti-stick coating and is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It cooks quickly and the basket and basket are dishwasher safe. The case can not be put in the dishwasher due to the electronicas inside. It is easily washed by hand with detergent and hot dish water.

The unit has a thermal overload protector to stop it if it gets too hot. The handle and case remain cool to the touch, so you’ll never burn. Another safety feature is that it has a protection circuit where you can open the basket to check your food at any time.

It easily contains 2 pounds of meat and vegetables, or only meat, fish or poultry. With 2-layer holders, you can cook your vegetables at the same time separately. Quickly prepare french fries, onion rings, burgers, steaks, Mexican and Asian dishes. Grill your pork chops and toast potatoes and carrots for a tasty dinner tonight. The built-in timer automatically turns off the fryer.

3. NutriChef Digital Electric Air Fryer, 3.2 Liter

NutriChef air fryer

This deep fryer is a digital electric fryer, model number PKAIRFR42, with its double frying baskets that allow you to cook quickly and easily every time you use it. Simply put your food in the Teflon® coated basket (s) and set the time and temperature for a delicious dinner without the oils. With convection-style vortex circulation, you’ll have your meals ready in about 30 minutes. The basket has holes in the bottom to drip the fat into the lower unit. It shows clever icons of the food you want to fry and the unit beeps to let you know it’s done.

The black and silver gray unit sit on your counter with its basket and sliding fry container for easy filling of food such as vegetables, fish, other seafood, poultry and the meat. You can eat cold cuts for a crispy outside with a juicy center. Prepare fries, onion rings and potato skins for a nice meal. The air fryer will fry, roast, bake, grill, grill and barbecue. There are pre-programmed cooking modes that are convenient to use when you’re in a hurry. Make a stack of crispy coconut shrimp without all the oil and fat used in a deep fryer. You can also make desserts and puffed soufflés. The frying basket will hold 3.4 quarts and the non stick pans will hold 4.2 quarts. You can fry in both at the same time.

The temperature can be set between 170 and 400 degrees F. The front panel is illuminated by LCD screens and easy-to-use control buttons. The timer will turn off automatically after 30 minutes. The unit is easy to clean. The baskets will go into the dishwasher and you just wipe the box.

4. Philips Air Fryer with Cookbook, 800 grams

Philips air fryer Editor’s Choice.

The Philips Viva Collection Deep Fryer is the black plastic model number HD9220 / 28, and a bestseller on®. You will fry with 75% less oils or fats with this air fryer. You can fry food with less than a tablespoon of oil for a health-conscious meal. The unit is black and silver plastic with feet. It contains 800 grams and it’s not quite a liter of 1000 grams / 1.77 pounds.

Internationally renowned chef Gordon Ramsay joins Philips Air Fryer to produce a cookbook of 150 recipes that you will receive with your air fryer, delicious and quick to cook in this fryer. It will cover small lunches, dinners, desserts and more. People who use this fryer are happy with over 7 million being sold.

Starfish design pattern
The fryer quickly uses its sea-grass pattern at the bottom of the container. The design allows air to flow evenly to give you the crisp results you like while being tender and juicy inside. The device will roast, grill, steam and bake for better results for family and friends. It will even fry the bacon a few slices at a time and a small pizza.

The fryer contains 1.75 pounds of fries that will be crisp and tender inside. Just add salt and vinegar or catsup and enjoy! Simply set the timer to 30 minutes and the auto power off will beep to inform you of the time that has elapsed. This will also give you a ready signal. The temperature is 390 degrees F. to give you chicken, meat and more. You will never feel the fat bubbling with this fryer because it does not use any. The case stays cool and has feet that never slip or slide on your counter surface.

You can put the non-stick drawer and 28-ounce food basket in the dishwasher for safe cleaning. Wrap the cord around storage racks when not in use. Never leave it plugged into the wall outlet for extra security.

5. T-fal® ActiFry® Air Fryer, 1 Liter

t-fal air fryer Editor’s Rating

The model number of the BF6520004 t-fal air fryer will make 4 servings without problem. You will love cooking without having to stay on the device. You will not need to preheat, shake or stir, although you get a paddle stirring if you need to return something. You can see what is happening through the lid by using the push-button to open the lid that does not collect steam. The lid, the pallet and the basket are all dishwasher safe.

digital LED timer
The fryer comes with a free recipe booklet for great Mediterranean dishes. You can use only 1 spoon of oil for health. The timer is numeric with a LED timer and a beep to let you know that your food is finished cooking.

It is distinguished by its system of pulsed heat to cook your food as you like it. The crispy coating and the moist interior of the food is excellent with this air fryer. French fries are a breeze to do. Put 2 pounds of frozen or freshly cut potatoes in the pan, add 1 tablespoon of oil, then set the timer and wait for the beep to make the french fries perfect. It heats up to 374 degrees F.


6. Gourmia® Air Fryer, 4.35 Liters

Gourmia air fryer Editor’s Choice.

The Gourmia® electric fryer has 4 preset functions with a single button and an LED display with adjustable temperature controls. The GAF520 is the best-selling air fryer on® containing 4.5 liters of food. The reasons are many with its different features. The fry basket is included with a free cookbook. Be creative and cook, roast, fry and grill your favorite dishes in minutes. The unit is a fresh black plastic with silver.

With the preset modes, you can prepare fries, poultry, fish, beef and pork, or you can set your own temperature and time for the amount you cook, with a minimum of oil. Remember that the basket is removable so you can take your food easily from your service dish fryer.

The Gourmia® Free Fry Air Deep Fryer uses 360-degree RadiVection technology that utilizes the efficiency of turbo convection cooking with infrared heat for hot air cooking. With heated air, you will not need fattening oils. The air fryer fries food and meat as well as a fryer without the bad health results of excess belly fat. Even more, you do not have to clean the greasy mess for an hour of your time.


7. Farberware® Air Fryer, 1 Liter

Farberware air fryer Editor’s Favourit

Farberware® has been manufacturing household appliances, cookware, cooking utensils, kitchen appliances, cutlery and kitchen gadgets for over 100 years. The non-splashing multi-functional messiness found with other fryers is welcomed by all cooks. The model number HF-919B is a shiny black plastic case with dials and food icons trimmed in a soft matte silver color.

Cook, fry, grill and finish with this multi-faceted unit using a little oil or no oil according to your preferences. Your meat, fish, poultry and fried foods will become crisp, crisp, well made, juicy and tender. Vegetables also turn into fresh or frozen to include onion rings, hash browns and potato cakes. The hot air circulates and all you have to do is open the tray and turn over the food.

Prepare crisp vegetables like potato chips, potato chips, apples, potato chips and more. Why not try tortilla chips? He will handle the bread dough, but not the wet dough. It will also fried bacon all crisp and brown. Hot dogs are better than grilled. Pre-make golden brown salmon patties as professional chef

Grill your shrimp, chops, hot wings, and enjoy tender steaks and delicious, crispy potatoes. The temperature control and the 30 minute timer are the top buttons. The timer uses increments of 10, 15 minutes, and other increments. The basket will hold 1 liter / 2.2 pounds / 900 grams. The 3.2-quart food basket and rack stand up like a charm in your dishwasher. The case can be wiped with soapy dishwashing water to flicker again. The device turns off automatically when the time is up. The food basket is approved by the FDA and uses a non-stick coating that is not Teflon®.

Farberware plastic coverCook with health in mind by having fewer calories from fat in fat. Just a little oil will do it every time. The feet on the bottom will keep the unit firmly on the counter and will never slip or slip. The case and the handle are cold to the touch. With the plastic lid on the food basket, the red unlocking button prevents the basket from slipping and falling.

Find out how to fry donuts in the free cookbook that comes with the air fryer. Then put ice on them for you and the kids.


 8. Homeleader Air Fryer, 2.5 Liters

Homeleader air fryer Editor’s Rating

The Homeleader brand located in China manufactures a 2.65-quart multi-air fryer with digital LED touch controls to set the temperature at 400 degrees Fahrenheit in increments of 5 minutes, from 1 to 30 minutes for the timer. It also has an adjustable start delay of 0.5 to 12 hours in 30 minute increments. The white model K58-017 with black baskets uses 70% less oil thanks to its movement of hot, fast air that cooks your food the way you like it.

It comes with 1 air fryer and 1 anti-stick basket. It does not create any smoke and no grease to clean. The release of the basket with the security blanket prevents accidental displacement of the basket for the contents to fall. The frying basket and unit go into the dishwasher for easy and quick cleaning. The unit has automatic shut-off function with a buzzer sound to let you know that your food is ready to eat. The heater and timer will be disabled when removing the basket / container as a safety feature. The fryer will stay on your counter with its rubber feet.

Homeleader Air Fryer


Roast, bake, fry and grill for your risotto, vegetables, meats, chicken and fish. A free cookbook is delivered with the unit for even more ingenuous dishes. Just use an oil spray for the bottom or sprinkle a tablespoon on your meats. Cook frozen foods, chicken chips, French fries, mini pizzas and more with this impressive fat and fat free air fryer. Use fresh or frozen foods in your deep fryer, but first defrost meat, poultry and fish.


9. GoWISE USA® Air Fryer, 2.6 Liters

GoWISE USA air fryer Editor’s Choice.

The GoWISE USA® Air Fryer Model Number GW22633 is available in red, white or black. It holds 2.75-quart and has baskets for all the things you love to cook and eat without the fats. You will no longer have any dipped foods using the hot air circulation process in this fryer.

Decide whether you want to fry, roast, grill or bake and this deep fryer will do everything for you in a jiffy. Fry your french fries, onion fries and tacos to perfection. It will make delicious burgers, chicken, fish and other seafood, beef and pork including more than that! You can fry 2 thighs and 2 thighs or 4 thighs at a time. Fried okra comes out very well if you cook it a little longer.

A convenient quick cooking guide is located on the top of the device. The anti-stick basket comes out and a safety button is on the top to prevent it from dashing the food inside. The included cookbook will give you more ideas for cooking other dishes. You can warm up your crispy leftovers to have them crisp and juicy again indoors.

GoWISE USA Air FryerGoWISE USA Air Fryer
You can set the cooking temperature from 175 to 400 degrees F and set the timer to 30 minutes. It has an automatic standby mode that goes into this mode when the cooking time is over. A red dot during the cooking cycle does not apply to this size unit, please disregard this in the instruction manual.

It is easy to clean by simply putting the basket in the dishwasher and wiping the outer case with a soapy cloth, rinse and dry.



10. Avalon Bay Air Fryer, 3.2 Liters

Avalon Bay air fryer Editor’s favourit

The Avalon Bay Model AB-AIRFRYER100B air fryer is made of black plastic with silver accents. It is also available in red, silver and white. It’s an avant-garde way to cook and it’s very trendy today to give you crisp and tender pieces. So, use less oil for a healthier life and enjoy the fork-tender interior of the meat with the crispy exterior. Without fat, you will not have that fat taste in your mouth that sometimes sticks to the roof. The small amount of oil you use and the residual fat in the meat fall through the holes of the anti-stick basket to the lower chamber. The heating element is made of 304 stainless steel. The controls are analog (buttons), not digital.

Air fryers use the same technology as convection ovens – hot hair blowing indoors to do the job. The 30 minute timer can be controlled by you and the temperature range is 200 to 400 degrees F. adjustable by you too. The unit will emit a sound and turn off automatically when the cooking is finished. The basket has a quick release to remove it safely. With its thermal overload protector, it will shut down if it becomes too hot for safety.

Reheat leftovers food with confidence with the 3.2-liter (3.4-quart) metal basket as when you first prepared it. Clean the baskets in the dishwasher, but wash the outside with a dishcloth in soapy water. The rubber feet firmly hold the fryer at your counter. The top handle makes it portable and easy to move to a shelf in your kitchen or take on an event.

The free creative cookbook covers a variety of over 20 meals, appetizers, entrees, desserts and snacks to make in your Avalon Bay air fryer. Removable mesh metal basket makes it easy to transfer fryer to serving dishes. It has infinite cooking options with its removable mold and support. Serve crispy meats, steaks and steaks on the inside, egg rolls and everything you want to cook.


Useful Tips :

  • Do not use Lard or Crisco in deep fat fryers. Only use olive oil or what is suggested in the user manual. The best oils are olive, grape, nut, peanut, canola, safflower, sunflower and others. Cooking sprays work well too, like Pam, and spray olive oil.
  • Outside the United States, you will need to purchase a 220 / 240V adapter. The United States uses 110/120 volts.
  • It is not recommended to fry sausage in air fryers because of the fat content.
  • Shake and flip the food to make sure it’s cooked all over.
  • Do not overfill your Airfryer basket. This can lead to overheating and wear of the unit. If you need more cooking space, it would be better to buy a larger airfryer.
  • Cooking oils spray are better than drizzling oil for good food.

Final Thoughts

We hope this has helped you decide what to buy for you and your family.


Sideboard Buffet A Multipurpose Piece Of Furniture.

sideboard_buffet furniture

sideboard_buffet furniture

Sideboard buffet can be a very useful and fashionable piece of furniture to invest in  for those who like to renovate dinning room with a beautiful and useful piece furniture or  those who simply need more storage in their kitchen or dinning room you can place it anywhere ans use it any how. They are also called servers because they can be used daily to serve breakfast, lunch or dinner. Whatever your name, this type of buffet has been around for centuries because it’s a handy piece to take to your dining room or living room.

A new buffet will not only add storage and utility to your dining room, but will also instantly enhance your decor. If you’re worried that a buffet table or a buffet cupboard is old-fashioned furniture or not fashionable, you’re wrong. Buffets can be found in most upper class homes, because they are an essential piece of dining room furniture for entertaining guests. You can find these buffets in all styles, so you can find the perfect one for your home if you have an antique wood, traditional, rustic, or contemporary design in your dining room or living room.


Now that you know that you will not have a broken or dislodged piece of furniture in your home, you may be wondering what uses you can find for your new buffet. They have a variety of uses, depending on the design you select. If you are going with a buffet style table, then you will have an extra table for those extra food dishes, desserts, or drinks when you have a dinner or a festive occasion. The table takes up very little floor space, and will also be delivered with drawers, which are the perfect place for your small items. A buffet table style is ideal when you have limited floor space, and just need a minimal storage area for extra silverware or table linens.

The other more great option you can choose for your new buffet is the one that is designed as a buffet cabinet. This type of buffet will give you ample storage space for your dishes, glasses and entertaining items, but it will take up more space than the style of the table. And a cabinet style buffet will also provide that extra convenient table for those drinks, desserts, or extra entrees when you’re entertaining. You can find buffets in the style of the buffet or the buffet table, depending on your available space and storage needs.

Buffet cupboard, buffet table, waiter or buffet, they all refer to the same kind of furniture with different variations of style. If you like to entertain or just need more storage for those extra dishes, silverware, or table linens, then consider getting a new piece of buffet furniture. A buffet combines utilitarian and aesthetic, giving you a very useful furniture while improving the appearance of your home.


Kitchen Tiles For Floor Countertop and Backsplash

backsplash tiles

ceramic tile for kitchen floor

Incorporating kitchen tiles into your kitchen design is a good way to bring out the beauty of your backsplash and countertop .

The kitchen tile is another important addition to the kitchen décor. Because kitchen tiles are available in all colors, sizes and materials, it is possible to mix multiple colors to produce some element of design, such as creating an appearance of stone or marble.

Kitchen tiles are not only used for floors, but also on walls, like backsplash or on countertops using tiles specialized with unique designs. Ceramic tile backsplashes go with granite or corian countertops as well as tiles.


Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain kitchen tiles are very durable and resist scratches. Porcelain kitchen tiles can be used to look like real stone because the tiles are similar in hue and texture, But porcelain tiles tend to chip more easily, even though they are often a popular choice. In the kitchen, objects can fall on the tiles and cause damage, so it is best to avoid them. Tile tiles can also be slippery, which may not be a good idea for floor tiles in the kitchen.


Porcelain Tiles For Kitchen Floor

porcelain tiles for floor


Glass Tiles

Glass kitchen tiles were once very expensive, but in recent years they have become more affordable. They can be used in borders or in the creation of beautiful mosaics in innumerable colors and has the unique ability to reflect the light, allowing it to bring out the beauty of each tile. Glass Tiles could be the best choice for kitchen backsplash.


Glass Tiles For Backsplash

glass tiles for backsplash


 Ceramic Kitchen Tile

Decorative kitchen tiles can be used in countless ways in a tiled area. Most of the painted tiles are ceramic because of their wide range of colors and designs.

The ceramic kitchen tile comes from the earth. Ceramics are made from clay, talc and other minerals, and after shaping, the tiles are subjected to a high-temperature baking process.

Because kitchen tiles are made from materials that are cooked in such high temperatures, the tiles heat up very well. This makes kitchen tiles the perfect material for countertops. They do not burn when hot pots are placed on the counter.

Ceramic tiles are made in many colors and can be customized to fit a certain color. A new trend in kitchen tiles is mosaic. Custom-made mosaic tiles can be used to create a mural on your kitchen floor. Pre-made mosaic tiles are also sold to create wall paintings. A wall painting with backsplash can really add color to your kitchen. Also a ceramic tile backsplash is more attractive than a granite or Corian backsplash.

Ceramic kitchen tile countertops are the right choice for your kitchen renovation and cabinet renovation project as kitchen tiles offer good durability, as well as the convenience of the kitchen. Resistance to heat.

ceramic tile for kitchen floor

Kitchen tiles work particularly well on a vertical surface, providing a durable surface that resists stains and splashes. On vertical surfaces, grout is less prone to stains than countertops. Kitchen tiles are also water resistant, making them advantageous for any kitchen counter.

Although kitchen tiles have many benefits, you need to take care of grout cleaning. The grout should be cleaned regularly or it will stain. Kitchen tiles can also crumble and crack requiring replacement.

kitchen tiles can be used for counters, backsplashes, wall claddings and floor coverings. They are available in almost unlimited colors and designs.

backsplash tiles



Best Carving Knife Collection

carving knife-image

carving knife-imageBest Carving Knife  Recommendations

The term Carving knife in the kitchen can be confusing, as there seem to be other knives that can do the same job. However, another name for a slicing knife, is slicing knife (or slicer).

Uses of Carving Knife.

If you consider a knife to cut like a knife that will produce slices of meat or poultry, then you will understand the utility of this knife. Carving knives are generally used to cut thin, even slices of cooked poultry such as turkey or chicken, and to slice large pieces of meat. They can sometimes be used to fillet very large fish. The easiest way to consider using a slicing knife is to think of cutting the Thanksgiving turkey or slicing the Sunday rut.

If you are looking for a slicing knife (or if your old one is not up to scratch) and you care about the quality, do not let the sea of ​​choice drown you. As long as you go with a famous brand you will get similar performance and longevity. But please be aware that some major brands have a wide range of product lines (similar knives). And if you like to finish and smell, you should stay with their upscale lines.

In general, I recommend spending at least $ 90. No doubt you can find a knife to cut it down for less, but, chances are, it will not be as solid in your hand, will not be as well finished, and most important of all will not keep a sharp edge for years to come.

Here are some suggestions for quality – which means, with all the necessary care, that each of these suggestions could last 20 years or more. . .


Recommended Carving Knives


Henckels Pro S Carving Knife, 8-Inch

Henckels Pro S carving knife

The Pro S series is a high-end range produced by one of the oldest and most refined manufacturers in Germany. Or, from Wusthof, the other major German knife manufacturer, a similar version: Wustohof Classic Carving Knife, 8 inches.

Wusthof Classic Ikon Carving Knife, 9-Inch


Wusthof_carving knife_9-inch

My favorite line Wusthof – Classic Ikon. What a beautiful handle (and I could add, extremely comfortable), right? Like most German knives on this page, it looks and feels like wood, but is actually synthetic.


Henckels Pro 2-Piece Carving Set

Henckels_carving knife set

If you need a fork to cut, here is a set of Henckels. I like the modern style, but you pay a bit more for it. The knife lacks a miter that is actually a plus – it makes it easier to affix. (8 inch knife, 7 inch fork)

Wusthof Classic 2-Piece Hollow-Ground Carving Set


Wusthof_classic set_hllw

This carving knife set is currently a steel. It’s the same blade as the plain Wusthof Classic above, but with a hollowed-out edge that can help prevent whatever you’re cutting from sticking to the blade. (8-inch knife, 6-inch fork)

Messermeister Carving Knife, 10-Inch (7-Inch Fork)

carving knife set_messermeister

Messermeister makes a carving set with a knife that is 2 inches longer for only $ 20 more. Messermeister is a leading German cutler – not as well known as Wusthof, but of comparable quality. If you think the extra length might be helpful, you’ll get superior quality at a great price.

Henckels Four Star Hollow-Edge Ham Slicer, 10-Inch

Henckels Four Star slicer

If you know you’re going to have a serious slicing (if you’re serving something like roast), this Henckels Four Star slicer can not be beat (with a 10-inch blade like the Messermeister). It is designed to cut through a large slice of meat, while keeping the thickness of each slice still thin. Wusthof wears a similar version in their classic line, but with a much narrower blade: Wusthof Classic Hollow-Edge Carving Knife, 10 inches.


Japanese Carving Knives

If you do not mind paying a little more, you may want to go for Japanese knives. You’ll get a lighter knife with a thinner blade, ground to a sharper angle that will cut meat like butter. But please be aware that Japanese knives are made of a harder steel, brittler, than German, and can not take as much abuse. If you try to hack the bones, you risk burning the blade. SÃ © riously.

Shun DM0720 Classic Hollow-Ground Slicing Knife, 9-Inch




Miyabi Kaizen Slicer, 9 1/2-Inch



And finally, to top it off, let me recommend two knives that you can crack your piggy bank for … both made in Japan, with a unique style and attention to the details you expect from a custom cutler. (Please note that the Bob Kramer is made of carbon steel that can stay super-sharp, but is likely to rust, but over time it will develop a protective patina.)

Miyabi Birchwood Slicing Knife, 9-Inch

miyabi slicer_ birchwood

Bob Kramer Carbon Steel Slicer, 9-Inch (Zwilling-Henckels)


I hope this quick tour through the carving knife world has given you some ideas. Whatever knife you buy, make sure to treat it kindly and learn how to hone it. That will guarantee it lives a long and prosperous life!


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Panasonic 3-Cup, 1-Step Automatic Rice Cooker Review


Panasonic SR-G06FGL 3-Cup, 1-Step Automatic Rice Cooker, Silver

The Panasonic 3-Cup, 1-Step Automatic Rice Cooker is ideal for people who love their rice for a perfect look and taste. And what’s even better if now you do not need to dig your head trying to find ways to get the perfect rice. Just put it in the rice cooker and come back twenty minutes later to find rice that is perfectly made, tasty and easy to prepare.

The Panasonic rice cooker is ideal for those who live alone and do not like to waste their time or energy cooking rice in the kitchen. It’s also great for small families and couples. This rice cooker only takes 20 minutes to make perfectly tasty rice. It comes with a tempered glass lid that allows you to look into the stove while the rice is cooking so you can decide how long you want to cook the rice.
If you’re the kind of person who likes to cook a little in advance, but you do not like eating immediately, then the Panasonic Rice Cooker  is perfect for you. The Keep Warm function ensures that the rice is kept at a perfect temperature even after the end of cooking.




A Perfect Birthday Gift for Teens. 

Wondering what to buy your daughter, son, niece or nephew as they embark upon university or college life? Worried they aren’t eating well? How about a slow cooker? They are a perfect Birthday Gift for Teens.

It’s no longer a return to the 80s, slow cookers are back in vogue for people who have a busy life and want to eat a hot meal at the end of a long day. Students are known to neglect their nutrition when they are away from home for the first time; That’s one of the things moms worry about most: Are you eating? But between classes and socializing, cooking can be the last thing in the mind of a busy student and the dinner ends up being a pack of noodles or a bowl of cereal. A slow cooker eliminates all the fuss and preparation of the cooking. They can simply throw some ingredients into the slow cooker at the beginning of their day, put them low or high and come back later to a tasty and nutritious meal. And if you buy them a slow cooker with a timer, they can even turn it off at a certain time, in case the course (or bar time!) Runs out.

A crucial factor for all students, slow cookers are economical to use and can also use cheaper cuts of meat that are softened by the cooking hours. But a slow cooker that cooks for more than one person and they have a few meals left to freeze. Alternatively, students sharing a dormitory or house could share the slow cooker and club together to buy ingredients, bringing social dynamics to meals. Some slow cookers even have pots that can be used on the cooktop, which means one less pan to buy and take. In summary? It’s a perfect gift for students.

Slow Cooker’s you may want to consider:

Budget Friendly Slow Cookers with timer


Disney Pixar Oval Slow Cooker, 7 quart, Black

Disney Pixar Oval Slow Cooker

  • 7 Quart Removable Stoneware Insert
  • Variable Heat Settings (Low, High & Warm)
  • Cool-Touch Side Handles
  • Adjustable Temperature Dial
  • Non-Skid Rubber Feet







Crock-Pot Pittsburgh Steelers NFL 6-Quart Cook & Carry Slow Cooker

Crock-Pot Pittsburgh Steelers NFL

  • 6-quart capacity serves 7+ people
  • High/Low cook settings, plus Warm setting
  • Travel-friendly locking lid
  • Dishwasher-safe, removable stoneware and glass lid
  • Recipes included





Star Wars 2-Quart Slow Cooker

star war cooker slow

  • 2 quart capacity is perfect for dips, queso or appetizers
  • Removeable round stoneware insert
  • Variable cook settings (Low, High and Warm)
  • Tempered glass lid

Best Of Hard Anodized Cookware Set

Bronze Hard Anodized Nonstick Cookware Set

Hard anodized cookware Review:-

Non-stick cookware is easy to use, easy to clean and its smooth, smooth coating prevents food from sticking to it. People are more aware of their health today. They like to use less oil, prefer olive oil, and anti-adhesive porcelain cookware allows you to do it.


More important for most is the controversy over whether or not the coating of non-stick pans is safe. Most coatings contain chemicals that can be harmful to your health. They are commonly called PFOA, PFOS and APFO. Experts insist that such coatings are harmless if they are not subjected to temperatures above 500 degrees, but the debate continues. If they are subjected to a high heat, they have the potential to release gases.

Maybe high quality coated cookware is safer because it usually contains a sealer that is applied over several layers of a better coating. In any case, if the coating seems out of order or flaking, it is time to replace it.

If you like non-stick cookware set but do not want to worry about coated pans and health concerns, you’ll be happy to know there are other types cookware that resists sticking without coating. The hard anodized cookware is one of them.

Hard anodized aluminum cookware is one of the best and most popular types of cookware for several reasons. For professional chefs and at home, the main benefit of using this type of cookware is the even distribution of heat. You will not find any hot spot on the surface of hard anodized aluminum. This is very important because the food you cook cooks at the same pace, no matter where it is placed in the pot or pot.

A feature of hard anodized aluminum is that it has an extremely smooth, virtually non-porous surface. The good thing about this is that the food does not stick as easily as on other types of pans with a more porous surface. Another benefit to this is easier cleaning.

The hard anodized aluminum cookware is very strong. In fact, it’s harder than stainless steel. It resists abrasion and offers incredible durability for a long life. It is not unusual for a homeowner to have this cookware for 20 years or more, and remains fully satisfied with its performance and durability.

Another advantage of this cookware is that it resists at very high temperatures, so that no transformation in the products occurs. Again, hard anodized aluminum is very, very durable. In fact, it is difficult to damage it.

There are even new sets of hard-anodized aluminum cookware that are available with a non-stick interior, which means very easy cleaning and less fat needed to cook food. So, not only will this cookware offer superior performance and durability, but anti-adhesive surface kits will make your dining experience even more enjoyable.

Professionals depend on the reliability of hard anodized aluminum cookware, and it’s a popular choice for chefs of all levels. So, if you are interested in cooking with the same cookware that many pros use, hard anodized aluminum is an excellent choice. Add the anti-adhesive feature to this top performer, and you have the best of both worlds.

So if you want to buy new one “hard anodized cookware” Check Out Our Recommendation list below. Collection of five stars that must benefit you.


 ” Our Recommendations For Best Hard Anodized Cookware Sets”


Happycall Hard Anodized Ceramic Nonstick Pot 10-piece Set, Oven Safe, Dishwasher Safe, Silicone Pot Holders, Cookware Set, Assorted Colors

Happycall Hard Anodized Ceramic Nonstick


Circulon Acclaim Hard-Anodized Nonstick 13-Piece Cookware Set

 Happycall Hard Anodized Nonstick

alolon hard anodized bronze

Anolon 12-Piece Advanced Hard-Anodized Nonstick Cookware Set, Bronze

7-T-fal E765SH Ultimate Hard Anodized Scratch Resistant

T-fal E765SH Ultimate Hard Anodized Scratch Resistant Titanium Nonstick Thermo-Spot Heat Indicator Anti-Warp Base Dishwasher Safe Oven Safe PFOA Free Cookware Set.

rachael orange cookware set hard anodized gradiant

Rachael Ray Hard Enamel Nonstick 10-Piece Cookware Set, Orange Gradient





Circulon Symmetry Hard Anodized Nonstick 11-Piece Cookware Set

Circulon Symmetry Hard Anodized Nonstick 11-Piece Cookware Set





cuisinart chefs classic hard anodized

Cuisinart 66-14N 14 Piece Chef’s Classic Non-Stick Hard Anodized Cookware Set, Gray




belgique-hard anodied

11 Piece Quality Home Cookware Set By Belgique | Non-Stick Hard Anodized Aluminum | High End Non-Stick Cookware For Great Home Cooking.





allcalled nonstick dishwasher safe

All-Clad E785SB64 HA1 Hard Anodized Nonstick Dishwasher Safe PFOA Free Cookware Set, 13-Piece.


Chef’s Knife an Innovative Approaches To Improve Cooking

 Chef’s Knife Review

Review Chef’s Knives-Whether you cook in your own restaurant or at home, you must have the right tools for every dish to be worth it. However, no kitchen tool is as important as your knives, So if you’ve only used a cheap chef’s knife for your cooking needs, switching to a high quality knife will be a different day and night.Seriously, when you have updated a high quality chef’s knife, you will realize that it will be sharper and easier to cut and cut with the quality knife. And since you can use a chef’s knife for all your cutting needs (and use it every time you cook), a high quality purchase will serve you for years to come.



We tested several different chef’s knives with different prices and designs, and although we recommended the Wusthof chef’s knife made in Germany, we now recommend the 8-inch Global G2 chef’s knife. He is an absolute workaholic; It is offered at a very reasonable price, it is lighter and easier to handle and maintain than the Wusthof, and we are sure it will not disappoint you.

Cheap Chef’s Knife

Coming in a lot cheaper than our recommended or premium options, Victorinox’s 8-inch Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife a versatile chef’s knife is an essential tool in every kitchen. The Fibrox Pro 8  chef’s knife is optimally weighed with lightweight, high-quality European steel that reduces hand and wrist fatigue, making it less of a challenge. knife and more like an extension of the hand. chop the chalks, chop the herbs, crush the garlic, slice the meats of all varieties and chuck the cabbage, its versatility will quickly make your favorite knife.this is the only chef’s knife that you should buy under $ 50. You can not go wrong with this chef’s knife.


Chef’s Knife-Paring Knife

A Paring Knife is a small knife with a smooth edge blade that is ideal for raking and other small complex jobs like shrimp, removing seeds, raking or cutting a small garnish. It is designed to be an all-purpose knife, similar to a chef’s knife, except smaller.




Our recommendation is the 3 1/2 inch Global GS-38 Coarse Knife. It is made Japanese, of the highest quality, has a 4.5 star review on Amazon, and will last a lifetime. This workhorse of a knife deserves a place in your kitchen.



Chef’s Knife-Bread Knife

A bread knife is a serrated knife that is generally used to slice bread. A high quality bread knife can also be used to slice delicate items such as cakes or pastries.



Our recommendation is the Global G9 bread knife 8 3/4 inches. Like our other recommended knife pliers, it is of high quality Japanese craft and has a good rating on Amazon.



Victorinox 10.25 Inch Fibrox Pro Curved Bread Knife with Serrated Edge




A cheaper but high quality alternative that we use most often in our home is the 10.5-inch Victorinox bread knife.




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Why You Should Prefer Slow Cooker To Prepare Tasty Meal.

Slow Cookers

Slow Cookers also known as a Crock-Pot, is an electric appliance that is on the kitchen counter for simmering food at a lower temperature than broiling, frying or cooking. oven. They are a wonderful convenience for stews, soups, chili, roasts and other tasty dishes such as desserts. They are used by everyone in the world.

Slow cookers are convenient for people who enjoy home-cooked meals, but who stay on tight schedules. These small devices have evolved over the years to include timers and more elegant models, but their functionality has remained the same.

Key Benefits Of Slow Cooker.

Nutritious & Delicious Meals:
Health Conscious people want to cook “Healthy” food at home, which saves money and time with the benefits of vitamins and minerals. You will never need to add butter, fats or oils to clog your arteries. Just cut the fat from the meat and chicken before using it. Your food will never be greasy and the individual flavors of carrots, celery, onions, garlic and other vegetables will radiate to your taste buds.

Time Saving:
You don’t need to stand beside a pot for hours. All that is required is the initial preparation. Your slow cooker does the work while you do everything you want or need to do.

Energy Saving:
Slow cookers use significantly less energy than a conventional electric oven.

Useful For Any Season:
Although we can associate warm and hot meals with winter, the beauty of slow cookers is that you can use them any time of the year. The advantage of using one in summer is that it eliminates the need to use the oven, eliminating the discomfort of making a house warmer.

Slow Cookers are portable appliance it can be placed anywher, it does not need wide place on your kitchen counter.

Easy to Clean:
Cleaning the stove is easy. Put the crock-pot and lid in the dishwasher and do it. Wipe the case with a soapy detergent, rinse it and leave it with a towel, and you’re done.

Tefal RK100815 Rice Cooker

TEFAL 10 Cup rice cooker

Review TEFAL Rice Cook New 10 Cup RK100815

TEFAL 10 Cup rice cooker


The Tefal RK100815 Rice Cooker is a fabulous addition to any kitchen if you and your family like eating rice and like your rice made to perfection. This rice cooker not only cooks tasty, fluffy rice within minutes but also lets you experiment with different kinds of porridges and other foodstuffs. Tefal operates in over 120 countries, brings you the RK100815 Classic Rice and Multi Cooker.

This rice cooker has a power output of 710 watts, makes it very powerful. It handles up to 10 cups of rice, enabling you to cook large amounts of food for gatherings and guests. The outer steam basket gives the food complete heating while the automatic cooking function cooks your rice wholly without you having to keep a watch on it while the warming function also makes sure that the rice stays warm even after cooking. And all this is checked by a simple mechanical switch with two indicator lights.Tefal RK100815 Rice Cooker

The rice cooker comes with a silver covering that has a glass lid that lets you keep a watch on your food while it’s cooking. The parts of the appliance can be removed easily for easy cleaning. Along with this, a measuring cup and spoon are provided with the cooker.