VacMaster VP210 Dry Piston Pump Chamber Vacuum Sealer Review

Product Review: VacMaster VP210 Dry Piston Pump Chamber Vacuum Sealer

The VacMaster VP 210 chamber machine provides a solution to the problem posed by vacuum packaging machines currently on the market: how to draw liquids and liquids rich foods. The current machines on the market are suction machines, which means that the air is sucked out of the vacuum bag and then the bag is sealed. However, with air, liquids are also sucked out of the bag, leading to partial or broken joints. The VP210 chamber machine uses a different technology to eliminate this problem. When sealed with our chamber machine, the sealed vacuum bag is placed inside the chamber of the machine, and the lid is closed. Then, the air is sucked out of the entire chamber, not just the bag, allowing the air pressure inside and outside the bag to remain equal and the liquids stay in the bag. The bag is then sealed and the air is released into the chamber. In addition, the chamber machine can reach a higher vacuum level. Most vacuum machines reach a vacuum level of 24-26 hg, while chamber machines are able to achieve a vacuum level of 27-29 hg.

The Vacmaster VP210 features a sturdy stainless steel body and a sturdy transparent cover, giving it a professional appearance and high-end durability.

Using advanced chamber technology, the VP210 is able to vacuum seal bags with liquid content unlike standard vacuum sealers. Rather than simply sucking the air out of the pocket, this chamber machine draws air from the entire chamber, so the liquid stays inside the bag and is sealed.

A front digital control panel with four touch buttons provides the user with simple and easy operation of the machine. The pressure gauge gauge allows easy and convenient monitoring of the pressure level.

The single retractable 10-inch seal bar with double seal wire allows you to seal bags up to 10-inches wide and 13-inches in length, making this machine geared for a wide variety of pouch sizes. The pump is a 2-cylinder dry rocker piston pump, which makes the unit maintenance-free.

It is a costly and cumbersome machine, but packed in quality to justify its size and cost.

Guarantee: 1-year warranty.
Weight: 72 lbsVoltage: 110-voltDimensions: 14″ W x 20″ D x 15″ HChamber dimensions: 11.25″ x 15.25″ x 5″
If you want to vacuum-pack foods containing liquids such as soups, gravy and sauces, the VacMaster VP210 Vacuum Pump Chamber Vacuum Sealer is a wonderful machine to have on hand. Its first class construction quality makes it ideal for light commercial use or at home.

Be prepared to cope with a learning curve by familiarizing yourself with the machine and getting the right time of the vacuum cleaner, but once you’ve mastered it, you’ll love it.

Philips HD9230/26 Digital AirFryer a tiny convection oven- Review

Product Review: Philips HD9230/26 Digital AirFryer with Rapid Air Technology

Who should buy this: Those looking for a high-tech device that allows thaem to fry, cook, grill or roast food using only a small amount of oil.

The Airfryer promotes a healthy diet thanks to its revolutionary cooking method. Thanks to Rapid Air technology, hot air circulates quickly through the machine to cook food evenly using much less oil than conventional fryers.

This machine has an elegant and modern appearance. The interior cord storage offers a good way to store the cord without the wires hanging down.

Digital Touch Screen technology makes the use of your Airfryer pleasant. Options include smart temperature control that allows you to set the temperature up to 390 degrees for fully custom cooking. The 60-minute timer gives you the convenience of hands-free operation by automatically turning on the cooking function at the end of the cycle. The ready signal of the timer warns you audibly when your food is ready.

All the removable parts are dishwasher-safe so clean up is as easy as can be.
The device comes with a recipe booklet containing 29 exclusive recipes that will make your taste buds flow. It also contains some practical tips to get the most out of your machine.

A disadvantage is that the unit itself is rather bulky, so make sure you have a good sized area on your counter to place it.

The cooking basket is small with a capacity of 1.8 lbs, so it’s not suitable for cooking food for a lot of people unless you’re ready to cook in multiple batches.

Although the recipe book is a good inclusion, most recipes included are not suitable for this convection oven.

Final Conclusion
Whether you’re frying, grilling, baking or grilling, the Philips Digital Airfryer produces impressive cooking results that your mom would be proud of, while using little oil. Its high speed cooking capability makes it ideal for quick snacks.

The small size of the basket makes this machine ideal for singles or couples looking for a healthier way to cook.



Advantages Of Countertop Dishwasher With Stainless Steel Tub

countertop dishwasher with stainless steel tubThe material of the tubs should be one of the important considerations that should really be known in detail when we want to buy the best new dishwasher.All dishwashers, including countertop models already equipped with a tub that has good quality, will certainly provide a lot of benefits. Previous dishwasher with a plastic tub is one of the most popular options, compared to the dishwasher with a tub in metal. But in 2014, it is very difficult to find a product with a plastic tube, But now more modern countertop dishwasher now using a stainless steel tub. Why ?
Stainless steel bathtubs are a kind of new tubs offered by all dishwasher manufacturers to provide a solution to all the problems that have occurred in some dishwashers that use two types of tubing before. And the following four benefits when you choose to use a countertop dishwasher with stainless steel tub.

1. Durability
The dishwasher is one of the modern cleaning tools that uses water and electricity, as well as liquid detergent when it will work. It’s a cleaning process is quite complicated, and some dirty dishes have been cleaned usually leave stains of grease or sticky oil. When the cleaning process is in progress, most stains are usually attached to the tube and if they are used for a long time, the stain will accumulate and the quality of the surface the tube will decrease, causing leaks or making the bins rusty. This is a serious problem that is often encountered most of the dishwasher with a plastic tub. But all these problems will never be found in a dishwasher that has been supported by a stainless steel bathtub.

Stainless steel is one of the best materials that has better durability than plastic, and the same light as well as plastics. Stainless steel is not easy to rust because this material has a good resistance against concentrated or saturated oil stains, or hard water. Although it is used in more than 3 years, the surface of the stainless steel will not be diminished, so it is not easy to cause leaks.

2. Can hold heat longer.
Dishwasher with a plastic tubs lets you do the washing with hot water at a temperature less than 55°C. A dishwasher with stainless steel tub are proven to withstand heat longer with better, allowing you can do the washing with hot water with temperatures above 70°C. Perform cleaning with higher temperatures or more heat it will make all the plates and cutlery twice as clean and hygienic.
In addition to getting better cleaning results with a guaranteed level of hygiene, stainless steel tubs will also make you more energy efficient. Because it can better withstand heat, the drying process will be quick with 30 percent more energy efficient electricity consumption compared to a dishwasher with a plastic tub.

3. Reduced level of noise.
Produce more loud noise is one of the weaknesses of the plastic bathtub, and the sound of a dishwasher, make the most of consumers complains of this problem. Most of the dishwasher with a plastic tub comes with a score above 56 dBA. While the dishwasher with stainless steel tubs usually comes with a lower score between 40 and 55 dBA.

4. Easy to maintain.
All concentrated or greasy stains are not easily attached to the stainless steel tub, so you do not need the extra cost for the treatment of this tub. Steel materials are very easy to clean and always have a fresh smell.

Best Countertop Dishwasher with Stainless Steel Tub for Your Kitchen Not only can be found in the highest model dishwasher, some basic models with a compact size also currently widely supported by a stainless steel tub.